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Extensive experience in new construction

At Justin Mason Construction, we specialize in custom built homes and log homes, but we enjoy any new construction project that interests you.


All of our building contractors are highly skilled and ready to take on any project that you can throw at them. We'll take your ideas from the initial planning stage through permits and execution to leave you with the end goal that you always wanted.

Reliability is our middle name

Our contractors are known for their quality services, so you can always count on us to execute your new construction ideas with your exact specifications in mind. We take pride in the quality of our work and will finish the job on time and on budget every time.

Our services

    -  New Homes

    -  Garages

    -  Storage buildings

    -  Farms

Answer to all of your home improvement needs

Whether you need a minor fix to your existing deck, new siding on your home or commercial property, or a major renovation in your bathroom, Justin Mason Construction is the perfect company for the job.

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